Would you like to let your dog drink in any situation, wherever you are? And are you tired of always carrying a bowl with you?

The bowldog is the new solution to let your dog drink in  any circumstances.

The bowldog is flat and turns into a stable, regular size bowl, by simply adding water.

  1. 1.take the bowldog form you bag, glove compartment or even from your pocket (yes, it’s that small and foldable!)

  2. 2.hold it upright, pull it open and pour in water

  3. 3.place it on a flat surface and let your dog drink

When your dog is done pour out the left water and close the bowldog with the zipper.

It’s very simple and convenient. And you can use the bowldog over and over again!

Whether you’re out on your daily walk, on a picnic, camping or stuck in the middle of a road with a flat tire now you’re always ready to give water to your dog!

Bowldogs bowls are made of the best materials:

Very strong and will never leak!

Stable and durable

Zipper let lets you close the bowl after use so it will not leak into your bag or pocket

Many stylish prints and designs

Made of non toxic materials and dyes - save for your dog

Measures: 30 x 11cm

bowldog blue
dog consuming water